Image by Priscilla Du Preez


Artist - Statement

The connection between the heart and the brain determines what we see and how we see something and is indirectly influenced by individual experiences.

Artist - Biography

Nadine AUER (born to be artist in 1977, Salzburg, Austria) creates paintings, drawings, sculptures and artworks in mixed media techniques. As a contemporary commission artist, Nadine works in a multitude of techniques to meet her clients desires with her all time favorite media being acrylics, graphite or resin on canvas, wood or aluminum. She works in a highly dynamic style and examines ambiguity as well as creation itself by using repetition and variation. In her work colour and form, background and motive, line and dot, cold and warmth and last but not least provocation and harmony merge into each other forming unique artworks. With her painted and drawn dynamic, she creates a world of jauntiness that undermines given rules thereby walking new and unknown paths.